Dentists in Annapolis Check Tongues for Signs of Health Concerns

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Dental

Our tongues help us speak and enjoy the tastes of foods, but they also provide a window into our overall health. Dentists in Annapolis and elsewhere assess the condition of tongues as part of comprehensive checkups. Here are a few things they look for:

White Coating

A healthy, clean tongue is pink in color. If you don’t brush your teeth every day, you may develop a white film that can be removed with better oral hygiene. If there is a white coating that isn’t removed by brushing, you may be experiencing oral thrush, a condition caused by yeast overgrowth in the mouth.

White Patches

Smokers often develop white patches on the tongue due to irritation. Called leukoplakia, this issue will often improve after quitting smoking. Patches may also indicate a more serious condition, like oral cancer.

Bright Red Coloring

If your tongue is more red than pink, you may be experiencing a vitamin deficiency. Your dentist may recommend taking a B-12 or folic aside supplement. A red tongue may also indicate Kawasaki disease, an illness characterized by swelling of the blood vessels.

Soreness or Tenderness

Sensitivity or pain in the tongue may be caused by a food allergy or canker sore. If tenderness persists, it is best to have a dentist examine your tongue for any other issues.

Like regular doctor check-ups, visits with your dentist are an important defense against serious health issues. If you’re looking for dentists in Annapolis for a professional cleaning or check-up, contact Annapolis Dental Associates at today.

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