Dental Implant Repair Options

If you have damaged or lost your tooth, your dentist might give you a dental implant to replace it. This tooth replacement is attached to your jaw and resembles your natural tooth in every way. Unfortunately, just like your natural tooth, it can also get damaged and require repair.

Given how sturdy dental implants are, getting damaged means it was hit by a lot of force. This can include getting hit in the face, hitting your mouth on a hard surface, chewing on hard objects, and more. If you accidentally damage your implant, here are your options.

Dental implant restoration options

If your dental implant gets damaged, you need to visit your dentist immediately, as any delay could worsen the damage. While at the dentist, you have 2 options: get the implant repaired or replaced completely. Whichever option the dentist goes for will depend entirely on how badly damaged your implant is. 

Your dentist might choose to repair the implant if the damage is not extensive, for instance, if it is only chipped. They would use special composite materials to make repairs and fill out the cracks. Similarly, they might replace the implant if the tooth has suffered extensive damage. 

Implant restoration aftercare

Once the dental implant restorationprocess is done, you need to take good care of your implant to ensure they last for a long time. First, you should stick to a strict dental hygiene routine to keep your implants free of bacteria that might cause damage and disease. Without proper care, you could get peri-implantitis, a serious condition that causes bone loss that could lead to you losing your implant. Also, avoid applying any force to the implant or chewing vigorously as this might damage the teeth.  

Dental implants are one of the ways dentists help those who have missing teeth to get their smiles back. However, just like your natural teeth, they need care Y M Dental Lab Inc.

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