The Dental Clinic in Toronto Treats Gum Disease

Gum disease is an oral health condition that can affect people of all ages. If it is not controlled, it can lead to serious oral health concerns. If gum disease occurs, it is imperative a person seeks immediate treatment at the Dental Clinic Beaverton OR.

Gum Disease Is Very Much Treatable

Gum disease can be fully reversed if it is caught in time. This is why it is important individuals are seen twice a year at the Dental Clinic Beaverton OR. Gum disease, in its earliest stages, simply causes redness and gum irritation. A person may find their gums easily bleed when they are brushing and flossing.

If these signs are seen, the dentist can offer immediate treatment to stop the progression of the disease and bring healing to the gum tissue. Treatment involves aggressive oral care practices, deep cleanings, and medicated mouth rinses. With good oral care practices, the condition can usually be reversed.

What are the Signs of Advanced Gum Disease?

If early treatment is not sought when symptoms first begin, a person’s condition can worsen. Gum disease will eventually progress leading to massive infection. As pockets of infection develop around the teeth bases, this leads to root exposure and tooth loosening.

The following are signs of progressing gum disease:

  *     Receding gums

  *     Pus drainage

  *     Painful chewing

  *     Foul breath

  *     Bleeding gums

  *     Tooth loosening

  *     Red and swollen gums

It is important a person seeks immediate treatment when they have gum disease. Waiting too long can lead to serious oral health repercussions. Treatment for aggressive gum disease involves strong antibiotics and sometimes surgery.

Gum surgery is sometimes needed when large pockets of infection develop. After the pockets have been cleaned of infection and bacteria, they must be sutured closed, so the teeth do not become lost due to root exposure.

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If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is imperative you seek immediate treatment. Contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles if you would like to schedule your appointment. For more information on the dental services they provide for families, Browse the website at visit the website. They will provide you with the dental care you are in need of so your smile health can be protected.

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