Cleaning and Soaking Dentures in Kona When Trying to Avoid Certain Commercial Products

Dental patients who are about to begin wearing a full set of Dentures in Kona have a learning curve regarding how to properly care for these devices, and also their gum tissue. The dentures must be kept out of the mouth for several hours each day to let the gum tissue rest. The devices also must be cleaned thoroughly. Patients should be aware of cleanser products that can irritate the mouth.

One somewhat delicate topic centers around patients who have developed dementia and become confused about how to use the cleansers. Serious reactions have been reported when these men and women have tried using the cleansers while the dentures are in the mouth, for example. Some have tried gargling with the cleanser, thinking the product is mouthwash. If these patients are still living at home, somebody must monitor this situation to prevent injury.

The Problem With Persulfates

Products containing persulfates have caused negative reactions in people after they soaked the dentures and rinsed them afterward. Some residue from these substances may still be on the artificial teeth.

Natural Substances for Soaking

Using these commercial cleansers for Dentures in Kona is not required. Some natural substances are effective at keeping the false teeth clean. If they do not contain metal, soaking them in a cup of water with a teaspoon of white vinegar works. Vinegar can damage certain types of metal when it stays in contact with the material for several hours. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in water is another possibility for a soaking solution.

Cleaning the Teeth

Denture wearers are not supposed to use commercial toothpaste brands on the false teeth either, as those products also can cause damage. However, mild liquid dish soap can be brushed on the devices and then thoroughly rinsed off. The teeth stay bright and clean.

Getting Additional Tips

A dentist such as Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. can provide additional tips on caring for the dentures. If vinegar cannot be used, the dentist can recommend other natural or commercial cleansers that are acceptable for soaking. Click Here to learn more about this particular dental care practitioner.

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