Benefits Of Dental Implants

Teeth should last a lifetime but unfortunately, for many people this is only a dream, teeth can be lost through decay, gum disorders or trauma. It is important that lost teeth are replaced, without them you lose the ability to properly chew your food which impacts your digestive system. There are also problems with appearance and the loss of confidence and self esteem. Years ago missing teeth could only be replaced with a denture or a bridge, neither of which are perfect solutions. These are no longer the only approaches; dental implants in Arlington Heights are considered to be far better and far more predictable than other solutions.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root. A titanium peg is inserted directly into the jaw bone in the appropriate location, after several months the implant and the bone become as one. The implant becomes a very strong foundation for a replacement tooth, they are also ideal as anchors for removable dentures.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

* Built to last:

A bridge or denture has a finite lifespan. Usually after seven or eight years they need replacing. Dental implants in Arlington Heights, when well looked after, can last a lifetime.

* Strong and stable:

A dental implant restoration looks and feels no different than the natural tooth it replaces. Other alternatives such as dentures can quickly lead to bone deterioration which often impacts a smile or the ability to eat properly.

* Eat what you want:

When you replace one or more teeth with implants you can continue to enjoy all the foods that you love to eat, without worrying that your denture will slip or your bridge will be damaged. Your bite is natural and there are no foods that are taboo.

Regardless of age, dental implants in Arlington Heights may be the ideal choice for anyone that has lost one or more teeth due to trauma or decay.

If you are missing one or more teeth you may wish to consider dental implants in Arlington Heights. To discuss the benefits of dental implants in detail you are invited to contact James Kakos, DDS or visit for more details.

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