What To Consider When Buying A Dental Practice For Sale In San Diego

by | May 31, 2019 | Dental

In California, dental professionals expand their business by purchasing a practice. Whether they go it alone or with a partner, the transaction requires certain steps that help the buyers avoid issues. A local broker helps dentists find a dental practice for sale in San Diego that meets their expectations.

The Market Value of the Property

The broker helps the owner calculate the market value for the property. The first factor that applies is the price at which similar practices sold most recently in the same region. The features match those offered through all the practices. The price of the property that is the most like the practice is used.

Get an Appraisal and Inspection for Equipment

Dental professionals who want to purchase a practice that comes with any equipment schedule an appraisal and inspection. The appraisal defines the exact value of all the equipment, and the inspection identifies any issues that depreciate the value.

Review the Income Statements for the Last Five Years

The owner provides income statements for the last five years. An assessment of the income statements defines the projected earning potential for the practice. The owner wants a practice that is profitable and meets their business objectives. If the property doesn’t meet these expectations, then the buyer seeks different practices in the area or other regions.

Evaluate the Public’s Perception of the Current Practice Partners

The broker helps the buyer conduct research about the public’s perception of the current practice partners. The findings determine if any complaints were filed against the current partners. The details show if there are any unresolved issues that lead to stigma for a new owner. The buyer also needs to know what efforts were made by the current owner to correct the problems.

In California, dental professionals address the need for expansion by purchasing a new practice. The property offers a sound investment if it meets the buyer’s expectations. The practice gives them a chance for offering services to a new market and capitalize on a new area. Dental professionals who want to learn more about a dental practice for sale in San Diego visit the website for further details.

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