Chicago Loop Emergency Dentists Can Treat Abscesses and Oral Bleeding

While many oral conditions can wait for your next scheduled dental appointment, certain conditions require prompt dental attention. An emergency dentist in Loop has the experience and tools to treat many emergency oral conditions, managing your condition without any waiting or the need to make an appointment. If you develop any of the following conditions, seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a severe infection of the pulp, which is located in the center of your tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves. When a bacterial infection invades the pulp, it typically causes inflammation of the nerve endings, leading to throbbing pain. If a dental abscess is not recognized and treated promptly, the infection can quickly spread to other parts of your body. Additionally, if you delay treatment, your dentist may be unable to save your tooth, necessitating the need for extraction.

Profuse Oral Bleeding

If you are bleeding heavily from your mouth or are unable to stop the bleeding, you will need to visit an emergency dentist in The Loop. Profuse oral bleeding can be caused by periodontal disease, certain medications such as aspirin and prescription anticoagulants, oral trauma, platelet disorders, and nutritional problems such as vitamin C deficiencies. Once the cause has been identified, a treatment plan will be implemented to manage the bleeding.

If you have a dental emergency or questions about your symptoms, please call or visit Windy City Family Dental or check out the website.

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