Can Any Dentistry in Providence RI Help With Bone Reconstitution?

If a person has had a tooth (or several) missing for a long time, he or she could see that their smile is starting to change. Why is this exactly? When a tooth is extracted or falls out, the bone withdraws and will no longer be sufficient for a safe implantation. In this case, the bone becomes thinner, a part of it dissolves and then it is necessary to perform a bone reconstruction before the patient undergoes implant placement. Going to a local Dentistry in Providence RI is the only way to ensure your smile returns to its former glory.

The first step in diagnosing a lack of bone is to take a panoramic CT or radiological image of the patient’s mouth. The dentist determines the circumstances involved and then decides if there is a need for bone reconstruction. Most dental offices use a 3D CT and a “green” panoramic radiology device, whose positive contribution is that the shot is taken in a very short time (5.9 seconds), which means the human body is never overloaded with x-rays.

Bone reconstruction is an oral surgery procedure whereby the existing bone matter is supplemented with a bone reconstitution material. The quality of a bone reconstitution is determined by the circumstances involved. In the field of oral surgery, synthetic materials of animal origin or the patient’s own bone are used. Again, people should trust this kind of procedure to a well-known dentistry in Providence RI.

Concerning the origin of the bone used for reconstruction, it may be the thickest part of the maxilla or the iliac bone depending on the amount of bone available in the areas concerned. These oral surgery operations are somewhat more complicated, but there is no other way to reconstitute the bone that is essential for implant placement.

When the tooth roots in the upper jaw reach the facial cavity, a great loss of bone occurs after the loss of teeth. If the dentist can find a thin layer of bone to cover as the possible placement of an implant between the facial and buccal cavity in the case of the upper back teeth, then it is essential to go ahead with the operation, that is to say, a sinus-lift. Contact Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates for more information.

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