Beautiful Smiles Begin With Orthodontic Treatment in Medina, OH

Your smile is part of the signature of your personality. It helps to open doors in your career and in your personal life. Not everyone is born with a perfect smile and you may have gaps, crowding or irregularities in how your teeth align. Orthodontic treatment in Media, OH can help you to get the beautiful, well-aligned smile you desire.

Understanding What Orthodontic Treatment Can Do

Straight, well-aligned teeth are easier to care for and help you to avoid a number of dental problems that can occur when teeth overlap, trapping food debris and bacteria. If you have gaps between your teeth that give you a gappy look, orthodontia can close the gaps to give a more sophisticated look. If you have an overbite or underbite, orthodontic treatment can re-align your teeth. Orthodontia can also re-space crowded or overlapping teeth.

What Is the Process of Straightening Teeth?

Your orthodontist in Strongsville, OH will carefully evaluate the current alignment of your teeth. This analysis will determine where and how pressure must be applied to teeth to provide the best outcome. Orthodontic specialists use braces, wires, brackets, bands, spacers, springs and other devices to provide the pressure needed to move teeth over time. The orthodontist will adjust these devices periodically until the right amount of movement has occurred.

Millions of people of all ages have received the benefits of teeth straightening and are delighted with the results of their treatment. Orthodontic care can make a lasting improvement in your appearance, dental health and quality of life. If you need an orthodontist in Strongsville, OH or orthodontic treatment in Medina, OH, contact Papandreas Orthodontics for an appointment to discuss how orthodontic care can improve your smile.

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